Live Baccarat VS Online Baccarat Canada

Baccarat is known for being a game of aristocrats. Well, nowadays all Canadian players regardless of their budget size can play this card game online and in land-based venues. Moreover, online casinos offer both software versions and live casino versions of baccarat. So you don’t need to make your way to a real establishment as you can play baccarat at home. In this post, we will tell you about the similarities and differences between live baccarat and online baccarat Canada.

Similarities of online and live baccarat

Both live and online baccarat games are available at any time and at any place. You can play them at home using your computer or anywhere you are using your smartphone or tablet.

Playing baccarat at online casinos is super easy. You don’t get distracted by anything that could attract your attention on the land-based casino floor. But most importantly, you don’t need to count your result because the outcome of each hand is calculated automatically. You can see the result of your decision/hand immediately. The game does it all for you. And you are just left to place bets.

What is more, online games of all types are comfortable meaning you don’t need to dress up and travel to a casino venue. You can even stay in pajamas and play online baccarat games all day long without leaving your house.

Both RNG-based and live baccarat games accept any size of bets. You can place low or medium bets as well as high bets.

Differences between online and live baccarat

The main difference is in the mechanics. Online baccarat games that are usually located in the category of table games are called RNG-based games. RNG stands for random number generators that regulate the results of each deal. Of course, every time it’s a randomly selected card, it’s impossible to cheat.

In live games, there is a live dealer in front of you. He deals the cards that are also shuffled randomly. You can watch the moves of the dealer, talk with him or her in the live chat, and play your favorite game.

One more notable difference between these two forms of online baccarat is the time limit. In RNG-based games, you are not limited by time and can think over your decision for as long as you want. However, when you are playing a live baccarat session, you must be quick. The software gives you just a few seconds for placing bets and making decisions.

Another difference is that online baccarat games are available for real money and for free. By playing demo games, you can practice baccarat for free without risking your money. Live baccarat games don’t have this option. They can only be played for real money.

In Conclusion

If you don’t know which baccarat type to choose, here is a piece of advice. Beginners and players with little-to-no skills in playing baccarat should play it online in free or real money mode. RNG-based baccarat games will help you practice the game before you can enjoy live baccarat.

On the other hand, live baccarat games are perfect for playing that have big experience in playing baccarat. These games look more like real-life table games, which is why players get more thrill from playing baccarat live.